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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2012

Early today I went to the drug store (CVS) to get a refill of a prescription. Because the day’s order had not been inventoried I was told to “take a seat and wait a few  minutes.”

I sat in the area assigned–wondering why the store did not have someone clean the floor. The area was littered with the same debris I have noticed  during the past four day,  during which I have tried to unravel a mistake in my order.

A display of mass magazines, “People” and “US,” I think,  set atop the counter. I pulled a “People.” I seem to remember that at its initial publication it was supposed to be a replacement for LIFE.

I thumbed through the magazine, expecting to be called to the counter in a few minutes. I was able to read the entire issue before hearing my name–mispronounced. “Letters to the Editor” began with three letters thanking the magazine for a spread on the Obama family.

The fourth letter asked why did they publish stories on the Obamas. I kid you not, the e-mail writer said that there had been coverage of the Obama family a number of times. She wrote, “I buy “People” for stories on celebrities, not politicians.” Luckily, I was sitting down. The issue included a story on the British royal family. I dare say they are not political. Whoever heard of King Henry VIII?

I have no memory of any of the fancy dresses, announcements of “Golden Globes,” etc, only that I was able to pass the time without it seeming to be hours, only twenty-minutes.

At home I opened the daily Internet news reports.

1. truthout <>    Articles (essays) by Chris Hedges, Amy Goodman, David Wren, and nine more–researched, grammatically accurate, well planned and presented, as well as seven “Buzzflashes–titled but not summarized articles. I appreciate not having to wade through one, or more, newspapers, advertisements, and inane “news.”

Next, I opened,

2. nation of change <> with articles by Nick Turner, Aron Mehta, and ten additional.

I haven’t gotten to “Democracy Now.” “The Daily Digest”  is in the queue. I’ll watch it at 6 PM on LINKTV. If I didn’t–or someone telephoned, it awaits..

There is no reason for anyone to be ill-informed or for a person to have no time to “keep-up.”

I  watched “Morning Joe” on MSNBC this morning. Joe Scarborough is a former Congressman, so I do not neglect other “sides.”by the Republican candidates at MSNBC this AM. Morning Joe, with Joe Scarborough, former Republican representative.  More than enough. You may wish-care enough to pass along-share– these, and similar concise, informative sources.


About Gwendoline Y. Fortune

Gwen Fortune was born in Texas, reared in South Carolina, entered Bennett College at age 15, and has been an "academic tramp" ever since She lived in Chicago and Skokie, IL during marriage, family and first career. Academic degrees are BA, MS, M. Ph, and Ed. D. She was tenured professor of History at Oakton Community College, consultant in Ethnic Studies at Loyhola U, and exchange professor at College of Lake County. She began writing professionally after divorce, and has devoted her time to fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Her published historical novels are Growing Up Nigger Rich and Family Lines. She writes daily, reflecting on socio-economic-political and multi-racial/cultural ideas. She loves mental challenge and her three extraordinary granddaughters. Why this blog? I am a "political animal." I view human interactions as political exchanges. What does one person, or one nation, offer, and what does the other person, or nation, receive? What seems to be gained, and/or lost, and WHY? I comment of what comes to awareness and share observations and thoughts. We discuss--without rancor, ridicule or nastiness-or we part company. Mind-emotion and essence-spirit are invited to participate. The cue is in the post.

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