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About Smarts ‘n Dums and Gwen Y. Fortune


Gwen Fortune was born in Texas, reared in South Carolina, entered Bennett College at age 15, and has been an “academic tramp” ever since She lived in Chicago and Skokie, IL during marriage, family and first career. Academic degrees are BA, MS, M. Ph, and Ed. D. She was tenured professor of History at Oakton Community College, consultant in Ethnic Studies at Loyhola U, and  exchange professor at College of Lake County.

She began writing professionally after divorce, and has devoted her time to fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Her published historical novels are Growing Up Nigger Rich and Family Lines. She writes daily, reflecting on socio-economic-political and multi-racial/cultural ideas. She loves mental challenge and her three extraordinary granddaughters.

Why this blog?

I am a “political animal.”  I view human interactions as political exchanges. What does one person, or one nation, offer, and what does the other person, or nation, receive?  What seems to be gained, and/or lost, and WHY?   I comment of what comes to awareness and share observations and thoughts. We discuss–without rancor, ridicule or nastiness-or we part company. Mind-emotion and essence-spirit are invited to participate. The cue is in the post.


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